The fashion & beauty industry always looks for a new look appearance. People adopt different makeup trends in a different season. Mostly fashion industry people claim that a light makeup is best in summer, and bold and hot makeup looks great in the winter season.

I don’t think that’s true. To wear makeup depends on people’s desire. It means that some people like to wear light makeup, and some of them prefer dark or bold lipstick. Well, in this content, we will discuss dark or bold makeup.

In the bold makeup, professionals say that the eye makeup is dark such as Smokey makeup. Some dark shades like dark blue, black, and navy blue help to wear bold makeup. A light shade lipstick is applied. On the other hand, people also wear bold makeup on eyeless as well as dark lipstick like dark red or dark brown or chocolate color.

Method & Preparation

It includes the following steps.

  • Prep. The facial skin first to get a flawless and smooth complexion.
  • Wash the face and neck area with a mild cleanser to clean the dirt and impurities
  • Apply toner and moisturizer

Face Makeup:

  • Apply face primer to prepare the skin for foundation and other products. It helps to smooth out the skin and shrink the open or large pores. It also helps to stay the makeup for a long time.
  • Grab a full coverage foundation and apply it to your face and neck area. The makeup foundation must be according to your skin type and tone. Oily skin people must use a liquid foundation, and it must not feel heavy on the skin.  Dry skin people should use a foundation which can moisturize and hydrates the skin
  • Blend the makeup foundation by dabbing and rolling it. Blend as much as you can
  • Use Concealer to cover your blemishes and skin imperfections. Some people use this product before applying the foundation to get more coverage
  • Define your facial features with contouring kit such as cheekbones, sharpening and shaping the nose etc. you can also use bronzer to get a sun-kissed skin
  • Also, highlight your features with Concealer, such as eye, nose tip, and bridge, chine, and forehead, etc.
  • After this, apply blush to your cheeks. Only use a dark color, such as rosy color to make them noticeable

Eye Makeup:

  • Fill out your eyebrows. You can use an eyebrow pencil to fill them. Do this lightly to get a natural look
  • Comb the perfectly and in shape
  • Apply some foundation or makeup stick on your eyelid. Blend this smoothly
  • Apply matte eyeshade
  • First, apply grey shadow all-over the eyelid and blend it
  • Apply black shadow in the crease and mix it with grey eyeshade color
  • Place white shade or highlighter to your brow bone
  • Also, apply some shade to your lower lash line
  • Apply eyeliner and mascara to define and enhance them
  • Apply light but natural lipstick color to lips
  • Seal the makeup with make setting spray. A makeup setting spray helps. to make the makeup last longer

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