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Here, I am going to share my opinions and experience with night creams. Night creams are in trend. Women use different creams to get flawless and youthful skin. I have tried several night creams, and some of these products are effective, and some are not. Remember, night creams should be used in the night-time. Do not use the night product in the day-time. It can be harmful and dangerous for your skin.

Himalaya Herbal Anti-Aging Night Cream

  • It is a mild and soft cream
  • Color is pure white
  • Not heavy on the skin
  • Absorbs into the skin
  • Moisturizes the skin perfectly
  • Provides glow
  • Best for aging skin
  • Slows down the aging process
  • The packaging is a glass container with a beautiful green lid
  • Best usage is night-time
  • Prevents these skin from breakouts

Golden Pearl Skin Repairing & Whitening Cream

  • Pure white cream with a soft scent
  • A little thick so, it takes time to absorb into the skin
  • Repairs the imperfections and skin breakouts
  • It has the power to repair sun-damaged skin
  • Heals the pimples
  • Helps to fade out the acne marks
  • Protects from sun rays
  • Useful for all skin types
  • Comes in a beautiful and decent golden container
  • Available in all markets and cosmetic stores

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream

  • An effective cream with a super refreshing scent
  • Purple color, Light-weight, and non-greasy formula
  • Absorbs into the skin quickly
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Makes the skin beautiful and flawless
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Oily skin people can use this cream without any hesitation
  • It comes in a stylish blue glass container
  • Can be found in almost every store
  • Also, available online

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Age 20+ Day Cream

  • It is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin
  • Helps to treat all the blemishes after 20’s age
  • Helps to reduce pimples and sebum
  • Brightens the skin naturally
  • Can be found easily
  • The packaging is excellent as it comes in a glass jar with a golden lid

Pond’s Flawless Beauty & Brightening Night Cream

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Best for acne-prone skin
  • Best for combination skin too
  • Brightens the skin and provides a glow
  • Treats skin flaws and breakouts
  • Light-weight and soft cream
  • You can be used as an anti-aging cream too
  • It comes in a beautiful glass container with a pink lid
  • Available easily

Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream

  • Best for aging skin
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Help to remove pimples and acne marks
  • The creamy texture is a little bit thick
  • Best for all skin types
  • The packaging is excellent and handy
  • It is also available easily
  • The price is reasonable

So, these are some creams that I have tried to treat my skin. They are not so expensive but really useful and practical. Just try them and share your experience.

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