Makeup is an essential thing for women. It excellently illuminates the feminine features. The best part of the makeup is eye-makeup. People love to have a dramatic and revealing art. Several types of color shadow are being used for eye makeup.

Different makeup brands are selling out in the millions of markets. L’Oreal Paris is a famous makeup brand. In 2020, some make trends are shared below.

Mid-Night Eye-Makeup

Midnight makeup is mostly dark in look. It is in trend to have dark eye-makeup. Just give a try with branded colors.


  • Apply a dark blue shade on your eye including lower lash line
  • After that apply a shimmery shade of  blue
  • Blend them very nicely and smoothly
  • Apply some coats of mascara to the upper lash line
  • Mascara will make your eyes to look more significant and dramatic
  • In this makeup, you can skip eyeliner

Smokey Eyes

We all know that everyone likes Smokey eye makeup. It is a really trendy makeup and is being used in every event.


  • Apply a base coat first
  • Apply black shadow at the crease of your eyelid
  • Blend it smoothly
  • Apply golden shimmery eye-shadow in the middle and starting of the eyelid
  • Blend the golden shimmery shadow color with black color
  • Apply the last shadow of brown at the top your eyelid and blend it into the golden and black shadow
  • Give a finishing touch by applying eyeliner and mascara to the eyelashes

Sunset Eye Makeup

It is the signature eye makeup and suits to the fair skin tone evenly. But the dark skin tone or brown skin people can also use this makeup to enhance their eyes.


  • Prepare the base of your eyelid
  • Apply brown at the corner of your eye
  • Use red shadow at the crease of your eyelid
  • After that use orange shadow in the middle section and lemon or yellow color in the starting
  • Blend these colors into each other as much as you can
  • Apply a brownish series at the lower lash line
  • Apply your favorite eyeliner and mascara to finish it

Voluminous & Enhancing The Eyelashes

in this makeup, the eyes are enhanced with enhancing the eyelashes. People like thick and long eyelashes. So, women use fake eyelashes and mascara to appear them thick and fuller.

In this category, the desired eye shadow can be applied. Several kinds of eyelashes are available, and they can be found in almost every drug store. You can add them professionally.

Metallic Eye Shadow Makeup

It is also a fashion and stylish way to apply color to all-over your eye area. Blend it effectively and use the brush all over your eye. But in this makeup, a metallic pigment is used to beautify the eyes. Apply your eyeliner and mascara to give an enhanced and dew look.

The eyeliner can be skipped to make them appear as extraordinary but straightforward remarkable. Apply white eye pencil in your eyes. The white pen gives more full eyes look.

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