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How to Make Free Website

As it is already told that blogs are different than websites but they act like websites and they are free and easy to make. That’s why here we are going to start form blog making on different sites. The sites to make free blogs are the following and many more; •••• They are four of… Read More »

How to Make Blog on is Google’s site for making free blogs and one of the most famous on internet. Every blog that has at the end is of blogger’s. Here we shall show you in detail how to make blog on First of all you must have gmail account, if not go and make it. It… Read More »

How to Make Blog on

In order to make blog on just follow the directions here. In this connection the basic ideas are the same as you have read in the previous chapter.1. Go to and write the address of your blog and click the button “create website”. 2. Now fill in all the fields on the form… Read More »

How to Make Blog on

In order to make blog on just follow the directions below;1. Go to and click on “singup and start bloging for free”. 2. Give your email, password, verification code and click “Next”. 3. Give the address and title of your blog. 4. Select the option of “Free blog” and go on. 5. Now… Read More »

How to Make Page on Facebook

You can make page on facebook and make your friends like it. The better the page the more the likes and sharing. In this way your facebook page can be popular and whatever you put on it shall be seen directly on the wall of your facebook friends. Try to make this page interesting for… Read More »

How to Make Post in Urdu on Facebook, Blog or Website

It’s good idea that you make Urdu pages. You can write in Urdu in internet that maybe your facebook page, blog or even a website. In this connection you have to download and install “Pak Urdu installer”. And once you installed it you shall see EN beside quick launch at the right bottom of your… Read More »

How to Make a Website

Up to now you have been told the methods of making free blogs and here you shall be told how to make full fledge website so that you may be able to earn something and do the online business. If you want to start business on your website we suggest you must do SEO diploma… Read More »

What Are Hosting And Domain And How to Purchase Theme

Hosting Whenever you save any file in your computer you see that it occupies some space. That space can be in KB (kilobyte), MB (megabyte) and even GB (gigabyte). Similarly whenever you are uploading your site on internet your site that is comprised upon many files too occupies some space. The space for you site… Read More »

How to Install Word Press And Theme

If you want to make your site on wordpress you have to install wordpress on your server and then any theme of your choice. They are very easy steps so let’s get started. How to install wordpress 1. Go to your hosting site and login or go to the control panel of your site. For… Read More »

How to Install Plugins in Word Press

After installing theme don’t start writing and publishing pages and posts. You better install plugins first that shall help you in many functions of the website. For this purpose you have to login to your dashboard. What is plugin Plugins are little softwares that help a big software. Here big software is wordpress and there… Read More »