What Are Hosting And Domain And How to Purchase Theme

Hosting Whenever you save any file in your computer you see that it occupies some space. That space can be in KB (kilobyte), MB (megabyte) and even GB (gigabyte). Similarly whenever you are uploading your site on internet your site that is comprised upon many files too occupies some space. The space for you site… Read More »

How to Install Word Press And Theme

If you want to make your site on wordpress you have to install wordpress on your server and then any theme of your choice. They are very easy steps so let’s get started. How to install wordpress 1. Go to your hosting site and login or go to the control panel of your site. For… Read More »

How to Install Plugins in Word Press

After installing theme don’t start writing and publishing pages and posts. You better install plugins first that shall help you in many functions of the website. For this purpose you have to login to your dashboard. What is plugin Plugins are little softwares that help a big software. Here big software is wordpress and there… Read More »

How to Publish Pages and Posts

What is the difference between post and page in wordpress In wordpress post and page are different things. They seem to be one and the same thing. They are created and published in a similar way. Pages are introduntory in nature and you just need to create the following pages as needed by your site;… Read More »

Word Press Options of Theme And Appearance

Appearance option In the dashboard you see this option. It is to change the look and feel of your site.You can do it as follows;1. Go to “Appearance” option from dashboard and select “Widgets” 2. The widgets window shall open. If your theme carries one menu column there shall be only one sidebar otherwise there… Read More »

What is Dreamweaver And How to Use it

There are many other ways and methods to make website other than wordpress like joomla and dreamweaver etc. Joomla is exactly like wordpress. It is installed on the server and then posts and pages are created and published. Here we have selected dreamweaver to make a website which is quite different than wordperss and joomla.… Read More »

How to Make Site On Dreamweaver

1. How to make page and see its HTML code First of all open the dreamweaver and make the page. The first page is site that is called as homepage is save with the name index.html or index.php. If you want to use PHP then name that page as index.php otherwise it shall be index.html.… Read More »

How to Upload Site On Server And How to Make Backups

Once your website is complete in your computer, or even not complete but you want to upload it to the server you need software for this purpose. File zilla and Cute FTP are good softwares for this purpose you better use any one of them. Download any one and install that. Both softwares are 100%… Read More »

What is SEO?

SEO is the search engine optimization. It means to understand how search engines work and how they allot your website a position in the search results. It means to understand search engines and use that knowledge todrive maximum traffic for your site for absolutely free. SEO experts get hundreds of thousands of traffic per day.… Read More »

SEO Abbreviations

There are many abbreviations that are used in SEO and you must know what they mean. In this chapter we tried to define them in easiest possible way so that you may understand them properly.Since they are repeatedly used and therefore much more important to know when you work as SEO expert.If you are working… Read More »