How Space Technology Help to Meet New Challenges

Space technology is a technology related to all the activities or life forms happening on space. The technologies we are enjoying in our daily life like weather forecasting, GPS, remote sensing, satellite television and some communication systems are all possible due to space technology.Many fields of sciences are getting benefits from space technology like astronomy,… Read More »

Know Some Basics Regarding Software Development

The Basic Idea of Devops The word “DevOps” is the amalgamation of “dev” that represents the software development part and “Ops” that represents IT operations. Although there is not a single solid definition for this term, it is considered a system of automation that creates a link between software development and IT departments of a… Read More »

Recover your Deleted and Lost Data Easily!

Easy Usage of a Simple Software Allows You to Recover All Your Deleted and Lost Files. You all had had the unfortunate incident when you accidentally deleted some data from your computer. You have also lost data from USB and Memory cards. The computer crashes and deletes your data. I will tell you a simple… Read More »

Robotic Technology

Robotic Technology Is Becoming Popular Nowadays. Every New Technology Is Now Based on Robotic Technology Which Is Giving A Lot of Help in Every Field of Life to Human Beings. As the world is becoming Advance the use of Robotic Technology is increasing day by day, which is reducing a lot of time and efforts… Read More »

Solar Panels and Its Uses

Find Out All the Information Regarding the Solar Panels and Their Uses in The Article Below. Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to produce direct current electricity or heating. Most of you are unaware of this technology. Some of you who have heard about this, don’t know the advantages of it. In… Read More »

Solar Panel Advantages

How Solar Panel Technology Is A Benefit the Society If you’re thinking of installing a solar panel technology in your home, then you probably should have all the information regarding how it works? Pros and cons of it? To make the perfect decision for your home, research the real benefits you can get after installing… Read More »

Top 10 Gadgets That Can Change Your Life

Find Out the Top 10 Gadgets Which Help You Change Your Life for The Better. Technology has significantly advanced over the last few years. The purpose of technological advancement is to make the lives of humans easier. Therefore, technology has advanced in every field of life. Our daily life activities, education, entertainment, communication, traveling, etc.… Read More »

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

What Is Intelligence? Intelligence consists of a set of cognitive skills or abilities including Abstract thinking and reasoning Problem Solving Ability To understand Complex ideas Ability to Acquire knowledge Ability to learn from experience and adopt to a changing environment. What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned with the automation of intelligent… Read More »


Online-shopping is trendy these days. Millions of online shopping-centers are launched in this whole world. These shopping centers sell their products online. Every single person can reach it out. The sellers have started different websites, famous, and provide high-quality products. These websites deal with almost every product and category. Pakistan is also making development in… Read More »