SEO Codes

Along with abbreviations there are many such codes in SEO that you need to know. You might have experience that whenever you open a site there may be error codes like 404 page error. These codes are explained as under; • 200 (OK) Whenever any site opens normally without any error this is called 200… Read More »

The Fields in Which SEO Can Be Used

SEO can be used nearly for all the online businesses. The detail is as under; • Online Projects If you are working on elance, odeskor clickbank you can get online SEO projects and work for the better SERP or SEO expert or adviser for online business owners. In this connection you have to see how… Read More »

Keywords Suggestion Tools

The basic thing and the key of success in SEO is to find the good keyword. You better spend as much time to find one as you can. Your success and failure only depends on that. The good keyword is the one that has more searches and less competition. One such keyword is a gemstone… Read More »

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

There is a good news for all those who are doing this SEO diploma course that google keyword planner is the very good, authentic and free service to find a fruitful keyword. With the help of this service you can find good keywords along with the ratio of their monthly searches, trends, and many good… Read More »

How to Find The Competition Of Any Keyword

Competition means how many websites and webpages are working on the same keyword on which you work. Such sites are your competitors, therefore the less is the competition the more are the chances of success. You must know the competition of your keyword to make the best strategy for you. Remember the competition column in… Read More »

How to Find a Best Keyword

This chapter is very important and the crux of this diploma course. Here we shall tell you the ways and strategies to find the best keyword to be used for your success and by which you can be able at least to make handsome earning every month.Remember, the selection of right keyword is the only… Read More »

Why long Keyword is More Important Than Short Keyword

Long tailed keyword is that which is prolonged by adding different words. Remember long tailed keyword is always better than short one. There are the following reasons for that; 1. The competition in the short keyword is a very long figure and you cannot compete that. When you narrow it down by extending the keyword… Read More »

What is KEI and KES and What are Their Uses

By now you would have completed making excel sheet and collected some long and extended keywords. In this chapter you shall be taught what is KEI and KES and how to find KEI and KES of your selected keywords. By that way you shall come to know which keywords from your list are more useful… Read More »

The Best Method to Find Keyword

There are still better methods than KEI and KES and by using them you can get more advantage. For this purpose too you have to select any good root keyword that you can find from,, etc. Only after that you better use the following method. Open in one page and google… Read More »

Search Engine Friendly Site

Search engine friendly site is the one which has all those things which are liked by the search engines, hence that site is capable of having good SERP on the search engine. Upto know you would have selected keywords for you and here you shall be taught how to make a search engine friendly site… Read More »